Can You Be My Sun?

Be the sunlight for me
Make my days bright
And through the moon
Ever so sneakily, my friend,
Don’t let my nights be dark

Be the silent guardian
Of the plants I grow
Let my animals breathe in peace
For the trees quiver, and the birds seek shelter
During storms, when you hide behind the clouds
Come out and surprise then
Cause a rainbow or two in someone’s life
And shine

Be the sun with your everglow
So bright, mystically colourless
Give life to all around you
But let yourself be eclipsed once in a blue moon
For sometimes, you need to hide too



Take a deep breath
Let it out
Take another
Let it out

Go inside your mind
Pick all the red
Pick all the dark
Pick all the black
Pull it forward
Let it out

Go into your body
Pick your insecurity
Capture it
Let it out

Go beyond
Into your soul
Pick all the sins
Pick all the crimes
Pick all the evil
Bind it together
Let it out

Take a deep breath
Let it out
Take another
Let it out



Is it the photographs that keep us alive, or is it the stories behind them?

Is it our cars that show us the world, or is it our companions?

Is it our books that tell us all we need to know, or is it our family and friends?

Is it the words we read, that connect us to nature, or a stroll around the garden?

Is it our phones we love, or is it other humans?

Crave human attention.
Crave the connection.
Crave nature.
Crave love.
Crave time.

Machines, books, and words will last forever.

You won’t.

Others won’t.

Interact. Learn. Love. Live.

A Child’s Revenge

I will soon fly
Like the birds
Into the sky
Mark my words

I will run so far
Away from home
In the land without a scar
I’ll make my sacred dome

I will heal
And I will come back
You will kneel
And surrender to my attack

I will rule my land
And I will have my grain
I will stop your hand
From ever hitting again

Skeletons In My Closet

Come over my dear

Let me tell you a story
Of how I shared my life
With someone who was not worth
Knowing my stories
And living my memories

Let me tell you
How I cried
When they hid behind the walls of pretense
And then revealed their true colours
Tearing my core apart

Allow me
To paint you a picture
Of a girl rolled up on her bed
Crying herself to sleep
Because a person she thought mattered
Never cared enough

Let me tell you
About the skeletons in my closet
Scared and frightened and hoping
That you don’t become
One of them


1. live.

I wore a saree, twirled for you and winked at you. How drunk were you, to say I looked like heaven? The outing went well; comfortable and cozy. We had a pattern, you drank and I dressed up. Little did we know, I was frank and you messed up.

2. ‎love.

Outings turned to dates. I’d stay in my pajama pants and your Scotch would stay hidden. Clichés went from boring to alluring. I love yous were chanted like prayers; bodies, worshipped. Everything was about us.

3. ‎laugh.

You turned possessive, and I, jealous. Your words weren’t enough. My body wasn’t enough. Us became monotonous. Quarrels were ingrained in the routine, morning till evening. Love was enough, compatibility, not so much. It’s not you, it’s mes were exchanged. We laughed at our fates.

The Fancy Letter

The Flimsy Portrait
Some country where there’s always Fall

The Perfect Lover
Under the Moonlit Skies
Earth (?)

Dated Forever

Respected Sir,

Subject: Letter of Information

Perfect Lover, I hope you’re there under the Moonlit Skies, because I couldn’t imagine something more beautiful. And I bet all my words, for they are the most precious, that you live where there is beauty, and peace.

I wish to inform you, kind sir, that I have been waiting for you. Among the Chestnut trees that spread far and wide, and the valleys that echo my shouts of joy, you’ll find my footsteps. For I stood there a long while, waiting. I must admit, I am not the most patient of them all. I have travelled, looking for you in every destination that called to me. I sojourned once in the heavenly city of Athens, in central Greece, where the first evidences of man’s habitation were found. I searched for you in the yellow paint of the Zappeion Hall, in the ruins of the Acropolis and in the colourful houses of Agora. I also went to Santorini, how could I not. But you weren’t there around the white walls, or the tall Palm trees, or even near the waters. Ah well we might be getting off topic here, the places were beautiful after all.

Perfect lover, people tell me you’re imaginary. That you exist only in fairy tales and imaginations. That since you’re ‘perfect‘, you don’t exist, because nothing is perfect. Well, to some extent I agree that nothing is perfect, but you’re pretty close to being perfect, in my opinion of course. And so, I believe you exist, in this world. And I might see you in somebody I meet tomorrow. You might be the stranger who helps me board my metro during rush hours. You might even be my office colleague who forwards me the stapler tomorrow. Or you might be the senior manager who’ll flirt with me during the meeting. I really hope you’re not the last one though, I find him pretty creepy.

The main reason I’m writing this letter, on a different note, is that I wish to inform you that I’m going to stop looking for you. I’m going to stop hoping that the one person I develop a tiny little attraction for, is infact my soul mate, and is the perfect lover. I will stop hoping that when I turn around, I’ll find you staring at me, with that oh so sexy smile of yours, and as I look at you, you’ll blush and turn around. Do you see my fantasies? They’re simple as ever, but the only thing missing, is the male protagonist.

So, dear perfect lover, I write a formal letter to inform you of my abstinence regarding thinking about you, or your arrival.

I do hope, however, that you’re well and happy. And that when you finish this letter, there’s a fond smile on your face.

With warm regards
Yours(?) forever

The Awkward Girl

Looking For Hope


People are looking for you, my friend. They say it’s the end of another time construct they made. They want to cling on to you to console themselves. They want to convince each other that the next time construct will be better. Why, because you will be with them? I doubt that.

I don’t understand mortals. They’re petty and selfish. Also, impatient and impulsive. All they care about is themselves. Don’t they know how difficult it is to take care of more than 7.6 billion people? I have to take care of the animals and plants as well. And they want to take care of the animals and plants too, so I have to ensure they meet the ones compatible with them. It is a task Hope. It keeps me busy throughout. And these mortals, they keep trying to do my job. If I could, I would quit immediately and take over Destiny’s job. At least half the people don’t believe in her existence. It saves time.

Anyway, where have you been? Everyone is looking for you. I hope you come back soon. See, I can make jokes. I don’t know why Love calls me grouchy. He’s an idiot. And I have to help him all the time. He’s so difficult to work with. He’s chattering and complaining every single moment. Urgh. Yes, we had a huge row about a couple again. Talk to him about it, will you?

Come back soon, Hope. We need you.

Have a drink with me whenever you’re back. See you around.

Your friend,

PS I need your help to keep Coincidence away from my work. He keeps taking the credit.

The Crazy Cat Lady

It was the smell of a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies,
And the sight of gift wrapping papers strewn across the bed,
That I came home to, Ma.
Your vanilla scented candles lit the window panes,
And the strawberries were in the bowl, ready to be coated in chocolate.
Grandpa sat in the his old rocking chair, fixing the cassette in his radio.
Leo was slurping his milk, the sounds drowned by the Christmas carols from the church outside.
Balou and Frankie were scrimmaging in your room, next to your antique blue lamp, Ma.
John, my dear brother John, prepared eggnogs in the kitchen, his fancy apron wound around his waist.
Little Julie stood next to her Christmas tree at the corner, her face beaming with pride, her eyes looking for approval.
I gave it to her Ma, how could I not. She was ecstatic.
I wish you were here Ma, to feel the joy in your house.
I still think you’d have got better gifts for your cats than for Julie, John and I, despite John’s attempts to assure me of your love for us.
Grandpa always called you a crazy cat lady; he still does, mumbling under his breath to not hurt John’s feelings.

It’s been six years Mamma. I’ve taken care of Grandpa, John and Julie. Piko died Ma, she couldn’t handle being without you for so long. But Leo, Balou and Frankie are fine, happy even.

I still can’t sleep at nights, at least not until 3.46 am. It is the time of the last call I received from you Ma. You told me you couldn’t handle it anymore. You said you were tired of being called crazy, but you weren’t sorry. You said it would help us all. I didn’t believe you then Ma, and I don’t believe you now. I never cried, not even on your funeral. I had to be strong for Julie and John. But Christmas time is always the hardest for me. I miss you Ma.

I hope you’re happy now, where ever you are.

I love you Ma.

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